I don’t know how many of you are old enough to have jobs/taxes, but…

I decided I’d give you guys a fair warning.

I’m a professional tax preparer for Jackson Hewitt (THIS IS HOW WE DO IT) and today I tried helping a friend do her taxes online using H&R Block’s free software. They’re my competition, yes, but they do have superior online software to us, so, whatever.

Anyway, I started doing a mock-up of her return using her numbers in order to guide her through it online— she has no income but is due a credit for her education expenses. However, on the Block’s website, no matter what I did or how I answered the questions, she was ineligible for the American Opportunity Credit despite the fact that I know she’s eligible. Doing the same return on Turbotax provided her with a $1,000 refundable credit amount. That means she’ll receive a $1,000 refund. H&R Block wasn’t going to let her claim this.

Because of this, I really can’t warn people away from H&R Block’s online services enough. If you’re not going to go see a tax professional this year, just make sure to stay away from H&R Block’s online software. Turbotax’s online software is superior. Use it, instead.

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    ya’ll don’t get gypped by the free software. we like our tax refunds.
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    Because everyone should be made aware ^,^Thanks Kyrie ^,^
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