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seoulene: jiyeon + sexy love

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[CAP] T-ARA: Jiyeon - I Don’t Want You © b940722

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Please do not ask myself, or any of the other moderators at the photocard forum, to hand out the addresses of scammers.

If you are worried you’re being scammed, you can provide one of us with the address you’ve been given and ask us to check it against our list of scammer’s addresses, but we absolutely will not, under any circumstances, hand out the addresses of anyone, even people we suspect may be scammers.

It’s immoral and illegal, on top of that.

We give you the bare-bones details of their addresses (city, state, country, postal code, etc) in order to alert you in case they change their contact information to trade or buy under a different alias. We do to protect you from future scams, not to spread people’s home addresses like wildfire. No one, not even a scammer, deserves that.

So please understand when we turn down these requests. (And please, for legality’s sake, do not post anyone’s full address in open on the internet!)

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